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Really like the exploration elements and the platforming works surprisingly well, very satisfying when you get more jumps. A different control for the second attack and more variety would have helped of course, but for a game made in 48 hours in FTEQW it's pretty cool!

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Here's a little speedrun of ur game ^^

Haha, very nice! Thanks for sharing!

No problem ! Keep working, your games are really good !

Looks pretty cool, though I'm kind of interested in something now... Why don't you ever use the more advanced graphical features of FTEQW? Because all your games are Game Jam games and thus you have less time to make assets?


yeah mostly for that reason, and also because I personally like the simple style and low system requirements


Very good game. Maybe some additional elements to gameplay would be even nice. Got the true ending. Glad people use q3 kind engine, I myself making one..hope I'll finish it. Also glad people use SunVox.

Thanks for playing this and my other games too! yeah I don't think the game lived up to the ideas I had when developing, but that's the nature of working with time limits. still turned out alright.

Updated Linux download to use a newer version of the engine, less visual glitches now.