A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You're stuck in hell with your trusty shotgun and your only choice is to shoot your way out. You have made a deal with the gods to buy time with your own life to help you in your battles.

Bloodletter is a stylish old-school inspired First-Person Shooter with multiple levels and difficulty settings to cater to more people.

The game is built on the FTE QuakeWorld engine, which gives it an authentic quake-like feel. The QuakeC source code is included in the downloads in the game/src directory under MIT license. 

Other tools used:

- 3d: Blender

- Mapping: NetRadiant

- 2d: GIMP

- Sound: Audacity

- Music: SunVox

INSTALLATION: Extract the archive and launch the fteqw executable.

IMPORTANT FOR LINUX USERS: Install OpenAL before playing, or you may have the game not launch, or the sound will be garbled.


Bloodletter - Windows 20 MB
Bloodletter - Linux 20 MB


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Great Game!!

Hi! Where can I contact you for business purposes? Do you have an email address?


I audibly said aww man when the game ended, don't remember the last time this has happened to me. Well done.


what a FANTASTIC indie game.... i need more

how do you install this on on windows seven

the extracted file is fmf i can't use that


fteglqw.exe is in the archive, use that. If you have an anti-virus active, it might have removed the exe, I've heard of some anti-virus software getting a false positive from it

Every time I try to download the FTE .exe itself (I'm trying to get into Quake engine based development) Windows Defender blocks the download. I was able to get around it, but antivirus stuff seem to really hate the engine. Not sure why.


can you fly using a shotgun in real life?

yes, you can fly with a shotgun, try it


I love the game, I also found a bug where if your holding the slow motion/bleed button down when you die and then let go and respawn it makes your movement slow but the enemies, your shooting, and your bullets all move at the same speed


Hi! Thanks for making this game. I made you a video

Won't launch for me... Will it not launch without an audio device? If so then I should be able to play tomorrow or the day after. Need a stupid USB thing to get my sound to work, and the last one I had broke on me. Anyway, can't wait to try this out!


Which platform are you on?

Windows 10


Ah, haven't noticed the problem on windows, just linux. I think your guess that it's the lack of an audio device is right, I'll try to ask the developer of the engine about it


Great game, shooting felt very nice and I like the slow-mo mechanic.

This was really fun to play! Also, I can confirm that BitDefender didn't bother me with a Malware warning. I'm curious on how to make something like this myself, did you learn how to make this from The Quake Wiki?


I started learning to mod Quake 10 years ago or so, and moving on from more simple quake mods to full blown games using the same engine wasn't very hard and I've been learning lots of tricks and techniques over the years. There aren't too many great resources out there for tech that not many people use but I'm sure people can still learn it if they put in the effort. I tried to point someone else to the right direction on the ldjam page (https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/44/bloodletter) comments, so check it out! 

Hey uh, the .exe is flagged as MalWare.

Good game.


Pretty solid mechanics, but I completely missed the slow-mo mechanic until level 4. There are a few minor balance issues that come with infinitely spawning ranged enemies, but nothing unforgivable for a jam title. Also, for whatever reason the game set off three malware alerts on my pc, might be worth looking into.


Thanks a lot for the video! Yeah due to the lack of extra time in a compo I didn't quite manage to do a proper tutorial for any of the mechanics, just menus and this itchio page :)


Very good game! I played to level 6


Completed this game, Its really fun to play Dev please add more guns in the future update :)) 5/5

Thank you so much for the gameplay video!


i love the pace of the game , will you be adding more enemies i would like to see more enemy models

Thank you! I was planning on adding a big floating mask/eye ball, kinda like a cacodemon, but I didn't have time for that :)

I don't know if I will be adding any post-compo content, we'll see