A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You play the role of Issun-Boushi as Shinmyoumaru-san! Using your bowl as a boat and a needle as a sword you set sail in this Touhou-project fan game.

The game is a 3d adventure platformer where you collect items that grant abilities and treasure to win, mixed with boat traveling.

POST-JAM version is the latest and greatest version, the older one is for the original Touhou Jam 5 release.


- Items include: Needle (sword), Napkin (parachute), Needle+Thread (grappling hook). You need to find and pick these items up before they can be used!

- Using Parachute: press jump again in air to open it, press jump again to close it

- Using Grappling Hook: press right click to fire it, press right click again to release it. The hook only grapples to Wooden Surfaces.

Game was made using the FTE QuakeWorld engine.

- Visuals, Code, Level design: Shp

- Audio, Music, Level design: Leonovsky

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorsshp, leonovsky
Tags3D Platformer, Touhou


[POST JAM] Issun Boushi Starring Shinmyoumaru-san v2.01 29 MB
Issun Boushi Starring Shinmyoumaru-san 31 MB

Install instructions

Extract the archive, run the .exe if you're on windows, if you're on Linux you have to make "fteqw64" into an executable and run it.


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Please fix the virus...

I got a virus alert after downloading this game.
The alert says that the Zip file contains Trojan:AndroidOS/ZkarletFlash . Please fix this and reupload

when you jump you can´t change where you gonna land but nice one


This is really great! One thing, though, is that I wish I could change the bind for opening the parachute. Having it be the same key as jump makes bunnyhopping too awkward after getting the parachute.


i love your games shp

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Hey, this was a fun game! The jump physics felt weird at first before I realised it works as expected coming from a Quake engine, and when the grappling hook came up it felt like the training wheels came off and I could zip up and over islands just momentum. Liking the variety of atmospheres created with limited assets, as well as all the little nooks and crannies where coins are hidden.

Overall great exploration with fun movement, cute graphics and amusing sound effects (blublublub), very good stuff!

may i say there is a bug in this place ,i even can not reach that high stage,i have had tried many times,the 2.0 version have the same bug  ,the game is good,but this place i sugest set that stage lower,and i can say this game is perfect.