A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You play the role of Issun-Boushi as Shinmyoumaru-san! Using your bowl as a boat and a needle as a sword you set sail in this Touhou-project fan game.

The game is a 3d adventure platformer where you collect items that grant abilities and treasure to win, mixed with boat traveling.

POST-JAM version is the latest and greatest version, the older one is for the original Touhou Jam 5 release.


- Items include: Needle (sword), Napkin (parachute), Needle+Thread (grappling hook). You need to find and pick these items up before they can be used!

- Using Parachute: press jump again in air to open it, press jump again to close it

- Using Grappling Hook: press right click to fire it, press right click again to release it. The hook only grapples to Wooden Surfaces.

Game was made using the FTE QuakeWorld engine.

- Visuals, Code, Level design: Shp

- Audio, Music, Level design: Leonovsky

Install instructions

Extract the archive, run the .exe if you're on windows, if you're on Linux you have to make "fteqw64" into an executable and run it.


[POST JAM] Issun Boushi Starring Shinmyoumaru-san v2.01 29 MB
Issun Boushi Starring Shinmyoumaru-san 31 MB


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may i say there is a bug in this place ,i even can not reach that high stage,i have had tried many times,the 2.0 version have the same bug  ,the game is good,but this place i sugest set that stage lower,and i can say this game is perfect.