A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

First person adventure platforming game where you must collect missing batteries for your space ship. You are forced to sacrifice living things to gain gold and to gain more useful items.

The challenge of the game is the island itself, you must find creative ways to explore it further and master movement with platforming and grappling hooks.

How to play:

  • Launch the executable (if Linux version fails to launch, try it with parameter -nooss )
  • Change controls, audio or video settings in-game
  • Use in-game Help in-game if you're confused

The game was made using:

  • FTEQW Engine
  • Blender (3D modeling and texture painting)
  • GIMP (Textures)
  • Trenchbroom Level Editor (The Island)
  • Wally (Textures)
  • Audacity (Sounds)
  • SunVox (Music)

The source code is included in all downloads under MIT license, to compile you need to use FTEQCC, an advanced QuakeC compiler.


  • Fix annoying bug where sometimes clicking after leaving inventory strafes the player
  • Fix rope physics so that hitting the ground while attached to something no longer glues you to the ground

Install instructions

Download the archive for your platform, extract it, run the executable.

Linux specific: If the game doesn't launch on Linux, try using the -nooss launch parameter. Having OpenAL installed is also recommended to get better quality audio playback.


Regain Power 1.01 - Windows 21 MB
Regain Power 1.01 - Linux 24 MB
Regain Power - Windows 20 MB
Regain Power - Linux 24 MB


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Feels like im walking on ice, and jump mechanics are buggy. Granted its made in 3 days its not bad.  It doesnt really fit the theme that well, all you do is sacrifice things for gold but its not a core gameplay mechanic, its mostly just a 3d platformer.


This is one of the most under-rated games on this site, I found this on a whim looking through the "grappling hook" tag, and I'm so glad I did. The level design is really fun, and the mechanics encourage creativity and exploration in such a clever way. I hope that you continue being great and continue to make amazing projects! 


I wish someone would've told me how to get the hook before I uninstalled the game, I saw it later on Youtube. For new players, it's on the top of a pillar, grab some dynamite and go directly to the second, farthest blocked-off hole, then use trampolines from there. You need at least 9. It takes time but once you get the hook you don't need anything else.

Here's a fun thing you can do, if you press E on the exact moment you're jumping off the trampoline, you can grab it and fly with it! And a challenge for the animal lovers, try and rescue snails and kittens, grab them and drop them around the ship.

I would like to know what map compiler did you use for this game ?
q3map2 or ericw-tools 

Thank You

it's q1bsp so ericw-tools, used trenchbroom as the editor :)

Thank You

Looks like I hadn't commented on this game during LD43, so I'll do it now. Great Level Design!