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Feels like im walking on ice, and jump mechanics are buggy. Granted its made in 3 days its not bad.  It doesnt really fit the theme that well, all you do is sacrifice things for gold but its not a core gameplay mechanic, its mostly just a 3d platformer.


This is one of the most under-rated games on this site, I found this on a whim looking through the "grappling hook" tag, and I'm so glad I did. The level design is really fun, and the mechanics encourage creativity and exploration in such a clever way. I hope that you continue being great and continue to make amazing projects! 


I wish someone would've told me how to get the hook before I uninstalled the game, I saw it later on Youtube. For new players, it's on the top of a pillar, grab some dynamite and go directly to the second, farthest blocked-off hole, then use trampolines from there. You need at least 9. It takes time but once you get the hook you don't need anything else.

Here's a fun thing you can do, if you press E on the exact moment you're jumping off the trampoline, you can grab it and fly with it! And a challenge for the animal lovers, try and rescue snails and kittens, grab them and drop them around the ship.

I would like to know what map compiler did you use for this game ?
q3map2 or ericw-tools 

Thank You

it's q1bsp so ericw-tools, used trenchbroom as the editor :)

Thank You

Looks like I hadn't commented on this game during LD43, so I'll do it now. Great Level Design!